7 good effects from the Buddha’s Birthday Festival, an interview with Abbess Man Ko

Future and Hope was the theme for 2015 Buddha’s Birthday Festivals around Australia. Just as the Buddha’s birth was a hopeful event boding well for the future, so too are the festivals celebrating his birth.

This centuries old tradition of celebration of Buddha’s birthday continues now in Australia with festivals being held every year. The festivals are not just a celebration but also an auspicious event that fosters many good causes in its staging.

2016 is the year that marks a 25 year history of Buddha’s Birthday Festivals in Sydney. To mark this milestone one of the Buddha’s Birthday Education Project (BBEP)* teams is creating a 25 year commemorative book celebrating staging the festivals. Part of this creative exercise was to interview the Abbess of Nan Tien Temple, Ven. Man Ko.

We can see from Ven. Man Ko remarks that the festivals provide a clear path of
practise. They provide a beneficial choice for our response to living in turbulent times. The festivals allow a way to make a determination in these times to effectively direct our actions to benefit ourselves and to benefit others. From Abbess’ remarks, we see that attending or volunteering in the festival engages our body, speech and mind and puts Humanistic Buddhism in action.