Abbess Man Ko’s wish for the future of Buddha’s Birthday Festivals

To give visitors what they need through more educational and interactive activities. 
The positive values emphasised to visitors are:

– Abbess Man Ko, Nan Tien Temple


Imagine going to the next step in the Buddha’s Birthday Festivals format. A great opportunity to express the values emphasised by the festival in a different way. We have seen Harmony expressed in the team work, the multi faith and multicultural activities. We have practised Compassion by partaking of vegetarian meals. Creativity has been exercised in the artistic expressions of the beautiful Buddha stage. Wisdom is opened up through activities of the festival touching our hearts. The Educational displays give us reminders about our practise in the busyness of life.

“Buddha’s Birthday Festivals celebrate the birth of a sage.  This sage brought light to the world.  As Buddhists, we must keep the lamp of wisdom burning so as to bring about social harmony and world peace.  We must continue organising Buddha’s Birthday Festivals, carrying them forward from strength to strength.”