Andrew Netherwood

Andrew Netherwood- A Heavenly Stream of Consciousness Interactive multi-media


This interactive multimedia work of Buddhist related images and icons is displayed on a single widescreen display unit which is connected to Apple’s iCloud service. The images appearing on the display will be changed remotely over time so that the work will evolve as the exhibition continues, including images taken at the gallery during the exhibition. The aim is have an evolving virtual parade of Buddhist images celebrating the Buddha’s Birthday and symbolising the raising of spiritual consciousness and awareness.

Andrew Netherwood with Venerable Juewei

A Heavenly Stream of Consciousness

This work displays an ascending stream of images randomly sourced from a remote server via a wireless internet connection. The Buddhism related images ascend at varying speeds and sizes in a meditative virtual parade representing the elevation of consciousness to a heavenly goal. Random combinations of images occur and evolve, evoking synergistic thoughts, concepts and associations of a metaphysical nature. The author’s mobile phone is capable of transmitting recently captured photographs directly to the server, which then immediately become part of the image pool for random selection and display on the local video screen. In this way the virtual parade of rising consciousness changes and evolves through the duration of the exhibition. Visitors to the exhibition who wish to be photographed can become part of the Buddha’s virtual parade for the duration of the exhibition. This work explores the concepts of the relationship of the human mind to the unconscious and supraconscious minds. (The server represents the collective unconscious, the source of imagery and inspiration. The video screen the ongoing flow of imagery and sensation that is human consciousness, and the wireless link between camera and server, the exercise of human will to change and effect the collective conscience on all levels.) The images placed on the remote server are all photographs and artworks created by Andrew Netherwood. Small prints of selected images will be available for sale during the exhibition. Other sizes are available to order.

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