Artworks: Buddhacarita

The Buddhacarita is the first full-length biography of the Buddha known to us today.

It was written by Aśvaghoṣa, a monk poet serving under Gandhāra’s King Kaniṣka.

This Sanskrit masterpiece in twenty-eight chapters served to introduce the Buddha in order to promote the faith in Gandhāra.

This was translated into the Chinese as Fosuo xingzan in 414 – 426 during the Northern Liang Dynasty of the Sixteen Kingdoms.


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Serial sketch of the "Birth of the Buddha" from Buddhacarita.

This beautiful created art piece depicts the historic birth of Sakyamuni Buddha based on Buddhacarita. let the art piece immerse you in the story of the birth of Prince Siddhartha in an endearing poetic way which will move and inspire you to get to know this great teacher, Sakyamuni Buddha.

Original artwork by Billy Tan.



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