Join us over the Spring for Venerable-led book clubs where we'll discuss the deeper meaning behind the stories of The Buddha.


Date                              Place

07 October 2017           Nan Tien Institute, Wollongong

11 November 2017       Centennial Park, Sydney

02 December 2017       Wollongong Botanic Gardens

13 January 2018           Lake Parramatta, Sydney

03 February 2018         Nan Tien Temple Lotus Pond

03 March 2018              Nan Tien Institute, Wollongong


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2018 Buddha's Birthday Festivals around Australia

Date: 30th March - 1st April 2018
Venue: Hai Hui Hall, Nan Tien Temple
180 Berkeley Rd, Berkeley NSW 2506, Wollongong


Date: 14th April - 15th April 2018
Venue: Elizabeth Quay, The Esplanade, Perth


Date: Friday 4th May - Sunday 6th May 2018
Venue: The Southbank Parklands, South Brisbane, Queensland


Darling Harbour: 12th May- 13th May 2018
Venue: Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour


Date: 19th May - 20th May 2018
Venue: Federation Square,Melbourne