Preface: My Understanding of Humanistic Buddhism

Chapter One:

Chapter Two:
Humanistic Lifestyle of the Buddha

1. Renunciation and Pursuit of the Truth

2. Establishment of the Sangha Community

3. Daily Routine

4. Guiding disciples

5. Benefiting and Serving All Beings

Chapter Three:
Core Concepts of Humanistic Buddhism

1. The Ultimate Meanings of Suffering, Emptiness, and


2. The Mahayana Practices of Perfection

3. The Sacred Truth of Humanistic Buddhism

4. The Omnipresent Humanistic Buddha

Chapter Four:
Development of Buddhism in China

1. The Daily Routines and Practices of Humanistic Buddhism

2. The Social Welfare and Charity Works of Humanistic Buddhism

3. Arts in Humanistic Buddhism

4. Humanistic Buddhism and Literati

5. Humanistic Buddhism and Politics

6. Humanistic Buddhism and Languages

7. Causes of the Decline of Chinese Buddhism

Chapter Five:
Contemporary Development of Chinese Buddhism

1. Cultural Publications

2. Educational Endeavors to Nurture Talents

3. Dharma Propagation Activities and Organizations

4. Charitable Undertakings to Aid Society

5. International Propagation for the Globalization of Dharma

Chapter Six:

Appendices One:
Chronology of Buddha's Life

Appendices Two:
List of Titles