The following promotional posters support many of the exhibits described in previous sections.

Cinema Playlist

A modifiable poster listing videos being played at the BBEP marquee.

Tour Guide Poster

Modifiable English and Chinese promotion poster of BBEP Tour Guides.

BBEP General Poster

Modifiable English poster listing all BBEP activities including videoes, books, apps, boardgames etc

BBEP 3.0 App Poster

English poster promoting the BBEP 3.0 App.

Mindful Check-In Posters/ Flyers

Mindful Check-In App poster and flyer.

App Promotional Business Card

2 sided business card with one side introducing BBEP 3.0 App and the other Mindful Check-In App.

Adventure App Poster

Landscape poster to be displayed at various site throughout the Buddha's Birthday Festival(BBF) and used in conjunction with Dharma Adventure app for visitors to san and visit highlights of BBF.