Multimedia Art Exhibition

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In 2013, Australia was the second country in the world to host the Buddha’s Birthday Education Project – a multimedia art exhibition and range of educational activities celebrating the birth of the Buddha.
January 2013 represents a significant milestone in the Buddha's Birthday Education Project’s history. A team of Australian volunteers from the Sydney and Wollongong areas began the process of turning the Project into a local birthday party.
We are also delighted that so many local art talents have responded enthusiastically to this research and project, creating a diverse range of artworks that give this exhibition an Australian interpretation.

Local Artists Explore the Theme of Buddha’s Birthday

Wanda Grein- Simply Buddha painting

"Simply Buddha" interfaith celebration of Buddha's Birthday


"Dancing in the Billabong" depiction of the future Buddha's birth.


Craved tree representation of aboriginal rebirth beliefs.


Graphic Timeline of Buddha's birthday celebrations

Timeline for development and spread of Buddhism painted by Dr. Nancy Cowardin. Read more..