Turning Points: Stories of Humanistic Buddhism

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Turning Points is a powerful initiative to collect inspirational real-life narratives in response to the vicissitudes of everyday life. Each account shows how the Buddhist Dharma has been successfully used to recalibrate responses to everyday problems.


The project began over a monthly book club. Through the simple act of storytelling, we shared how the Dharma had inspired each of us to face the challenges and difficulties of everyday life.


Since 2017, hundreds of people have generously shared their personal “Turning Points” with us. Our rapidly growing Facebook page has over 25,000 followers finding their inspiration every day. Have a chat to our ambassadors here today. They each have their own story to tell and would also love to hear yours.


Life is full of challenges. But through these challenges, we also find our Turning Points. One story at a time, we hope that you can help us spread more light, wisdom and compassion into the world.

Email your stories (up to 150 words) to bbep2013@gmail.com


Check out the Turning Points Stories facebook (www.facebook.com/turningpointsstories) page.

Turning Points Stories: Episode 1 (On Death, On Anger, On Perfectionism)

Turning Points Stories: Episode 2 (On Perspective, On Relationships, On Self-Discovery)