The Australian Story

Projects By Year:

In 2016, BBEP brings to life the story of 25 years of Buddha’s Birthday Festivals in Australia, and uses a range of innovative mediums to unite the community in this great celebration.

2016 projects include:

1)   The Australian Story: This project pays tribute to 25 years of Buddha’s Birthday Festivals in Australia through commemorative albums, documentaries and exclusive festival activities. Watch the documentary video.

2)   New Educational Apps: The team at BBEP is proud to present new, innovative and educational Apps.  Explore the BBEP 3.0 Apps which are designed to guide you through various aspects of Buddhist traditions and practice.

3)    The Mindful Check- In App is a NEW app presented by the team at BBEP and Nan Tien Institute. It is designed especially for the busy lives we lead today and guides us through the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

4)   Boardgame and Photo Exhibition: This boardgame is based on the pilgrimage undertaken by the Buddha during his lifetime, and is supported by a stunning pictorial exhibition of sacred sites throughout India.

5)   Dharma Cards: These 52 high quality, individual cards contain words from Master Hsing Yun’s 108 tips for life. The beautiful artwork is inspired by the Buddhacarita (the first full length biography of the Buddha).  Choose your own Dharma Card and connect to the Buddha’s words of wisdom.